Evolution of education

One of the things I like to do when I have free time is to go through the various internet discussion boards where evolution is being discussed. Some of the arguments and counter arguments are really funny to say the least. Being a believer in evolution and non believer in the concept of personal God, I am amazed by how little people know about evolution. Two of the most common responses are “I didnt come from a monkey” and “evolution is just a thoery”. 

I can understand that some people of the older generation dont have an understanding of evolution. That is understandable considering their upbringing in the post war era. What is sad is that we are subjecting the same to the kids of the current generation. In the 21st century, where most information is just a click away, kids dont ask the right questions. Fossils, DNA and recently discovered species are strong proofs of how evolution has worked over the ages. 

If you have time, I suggest go through these discussions.