Andoird Tablets

Update : Xoom has been priced at $799 for 3G + WiFi and $600 for WiFi only. That sounds good.

I am waiting to see all the android based tablets coming out and I must say that the last few days have been exciting for me. First the Motorola Xoom and now Samsung Galaxy 10.1 (Did anyone get paid to name it ? Will they change screen size in the next model?).

Motorola Xoom was listed for pre-sale at $1200 on the best buy website. While we still dont know if that’s the price or whether it is just a place holder. Whatever the case may be, it did create a lots of news on all the geeky websites. Most of them said “dead on arrival”, a view to which I have to agree, provided it sells for $1200. Motorola is not a brand which can price itself as exclusive. They are not Apple, Bose or Bang & Olufsen. They are yet to earn their right to be exclusive.

While the Motorola pricing was disappointing, I am more upset with Samsung Tab 10.1. They have removed the SD card storage and dropped HDMI out (I believe we will have to buy an expensive proprietary cable). From being a standout product, they have become another Apple wannabe. Now if iPad2 comes out with SD card support (unlikely), Sammy will be doomed.

Irrespective of how things turn out, this will be an interesting year for all the gadgets lovers. Cant wait to see it unfold.


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