Western diplomacy

Protests have started in Bahrain and the country has dealt it with severe violence. Bahrain apparently is an ally of the Western countries. The muted response from the western governments is rather shameful. Right to freedom of the people is a universal right and not restricted to the people who oppose western values.

Few people opposing in Tehran made Lady Clinton come out and ask the Iranian government to respect human rights. They don’t really seem to be bothered about the human rights of the Bahraini counterparts. Diplomacy has lost all righteousness.


Culture of Respect

I saw this sad news today of a Police officer cleaning the shoes of Mayawati, Chief Minister of the most populous state of India.


What was more shocking is how her party members were justifying this act. Mayawati seems to take pride in the fact that she is able to disrespect and insult another human being. To be fair to her, she is not one of a kind. We have seen similiar deplorable behaviour from other Indian politicians. They seem to have lost the very basic culture of respecting fellow human beings.

Political elite of the country insult and try to play down the role of policemen and other parts of the executive. They are insulted and not given the respect which they should get. It is very difficult for them to get back at their masters. They are now void of any self respect. This lack of self respect inspires them to do the same injustice to the common man. What we now have is a vicious cycle of injustice which is propogated through the social hierarchy.

What India seems to lack is good leadership at the top. It is not that the country doesnt have any good leaders. Sadly they are not given a chance to govern. Money and muscle power is essential to win elections and these are not something good leaders are associated with. This leads to rotten apples sitting right on top and spreading the rot through the system. It wont be long before the whole system is like a malignant cancer. Untreatable.

The only way forward will be for people to take ownership of whom they elect to lead. Those elected to lead should lead by example. Respect others and spread a culture of respect. This respect shouldnt be restricted to fellow human beings. They should learn to respect the law of the land, rights of animals and nature.