Nexus S – Worst managed product release

Nexus S was supposed to be the flagship phone for Android 2.3 a.k.a. Gingerbread. Nexus S was released just in time for the Christmas season but sadly the sales numbers have not been great. I think Google really messed up the release of the phone.

Nexus line of phones are normally used the so-called geeks who know their product. I know few people who bought Nexus One and they absolutely love the product. When the first rumours of Nexus 2 (later known as Nexus S) came out, most of them were quite keen to get it. Feels good to be on the latest version of the software. But when the final product was announced, the geeks were less than impressed. Everybody knew that CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and MWC (Mobile World Congress) is round the corner where the first dual core phones would be released. This meant that Nexus S would have its place as the latest and greatest Android phone for just over a week. That is not good for a phone which you are trying to sell as your flagship model.

Matters were made worse in the UK by bad pricing. They announced it at £549.95 and later dropped to £429 before the release. The fact is that it should never have been £549 for an item priced at $529 in the USA. Rather than saying that it was a price correction, they went ahead with the price drop story. A price drop for an unreleased product is hardly a good news.

I feel that Google should have not released this as their flagship product. They should have waited for another few weeks and selected a dual-core Tegra based phone as their next version of Nexus.

Looking at the initial pricing of Motorola Xoom, I am not sure if they have learnt the lesson. It is heavily overpriced by playing into the hands of Verizon. I really hope that Samsung tab is upgraded to Honeycomb. A sub £400 tablet with latest version of the OS will please some shoppers like me who are out looking for a tablet.


Cancer research

One of my aunts was recently diagnosed as suffering from cancer.  She was supposed to be in stage 4th and as per the doctor her chances of survival was merely 25%

She has been going through the treatment for the last year or so.  Went through various rounds of chemotherapy and blood transfusion.  She now seems to have recovered.  Guess who gets all the credit?  God. Who else can create the virus and then take credit for getting rid of that.  God is the only person who can have the cake and eat it too.


Evolution of education

One of the things I like to do when I have free time is to go through the various internet discussion boards where evolution is being discussed. Some of the arguments and counter arguments are really funny to say the least. Being a believer in evolution and non believer in the concept of personal God, I am amazed by how little people know about evolution. Two of the most common responses are “I didnt come from a monkey” and “evolution is just a thoery”. 

I can understand that some people of the older generation dont have an understanding of evolution. That is understandable considering their upbringing in the post war era. What is sad is that we are subjecting the same to the kids of the current generation. In the 21st century, where most information is just a click away, kids dont ask the right questions. Fossils, DNA and recently discovered species are strong proofs of how evolution has worked over the ages. 

If you have time, I suggest go through these discussions.


Belt and Bible Belt

Read something interesting today.

Is it strange that the Bible belt in the US is the fattest when Bible states that gluttony is a sin.

Bosses beware..

When can you count yourself as a celebrity?

There are many celebrities and so-called celebrities out there. I hope we have a certain criteria for these people to meet before they can claim to be celebrities. Here are a few which I can think of.

  • Have your own Wikipedia page created by someone else. It also needs to be updated multiple times every week.
  • Have atleast half a million followers on twitter and half a million fans on Facebook.

DLNA AirPlay

During the last few days, I have been surprised by the number of people who are talking about AirPlay. They are totally “blown away” by the concept. These are not ignorant people but educated people who know their devices. But I am surprised how Apple is able to sell ideas to them with such ease.I walked into a group of iPhone owners talking about this. I asked them whether they know anything about DLNA. None of them had any damn idea. I said all the devices which I bought in the past 2 or so years, are DLNA certified. This means I can easily stream/transfer content between various devices without worrying about manufacturer.I was one of the people who bought the original iPhone. I also owner the iPod. I was almost on the verge of buying a MacBook Pro before I decided to go for a Sony Vaio. (It is not that I am a big fan of Windows 7 but Viao is perfect for all my needs and I have no issues when I use it with Ubuntu. ). WHat really upsets me about Apple is how it takes an absolutely fine standard and then modifies it so that people can use only the way Apple wants it. All you can decide is whether you want 2G or 4G RAM. I love to customize my devices. Be it my laptop or mobile. I love having custom widgets on my phone. I also can write my own apps and install it without jail breaking the phone.

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